happy new home.

I am currently in the season of life where so many friends are getting married, having babies, and buying houses. I LOVE this season because there are so many happy things to celebrate. My best friend and her husband just bought their first home, and since I find great amounts of joy in utilizing my love language of gifts, I wanted to put just a little something together to make them feel loved.

I started off purchasing a large, round apothecary jar for $5.00 at Bargain Hunt. If you like shopping at Target at all, you’ll love Bargain Hunt. It’s basically everything from Target, but from last season. I love apothecary jars for the many different uses they provide. They can be used for storage, a space filler, a perfect container for homemade cookies, or my personal favorite… to hold decorations that match the current holiday, occasion or season you’re celebrating. So a happy new home gift would not be complete without an apothecary jar….says every true southern woman. empty jarI then filled the apothecary jar with white paper shred. Since the items that I purchased to go in the jar were all brightly colored, I decided to go with a white paper shred as a filler, which I purchased at the Dollar Tree for $1.00. They had multiple colors, and several really great colors for Summer!

My goal was happy and bright, and these dish cloths were just what I was looking for, and on top of that they were only $2.99 for 4 at TJ Maxx. I only used two of these for this particular gift, leaving me two more for another jar of goodies I can gift to a friend.

Around this time of year, Bath and Body Works always has their semi-annual sale, and as a former BBW employee (of 2.5 years) I always have to go and support, and stock up on my favorite foaming hand soap of all time…Kitchen Lemon, which was on sale for $3.00.

I wanted to include some very practical items. So I threw in some Scotch-Brite Scrub Sponges, 4 double A batteries, a light bulb, and 2 chip clip magnets. These small items are kind of random, but can always be used.

To finish up my Happy New Home gift, I wanted to include a few fun items, that you may not buy for yourself; wanting to make the jar a little more personalized, and continue with my happy and bright theme, I included some fun polka dot napkins that could be used for a future dinner party, a pack of polka dot cupcake liners, because who wouldn’t want to make their cupcakes they’re taking to the church picnic a little happier? and a market list that brings all the colors together.

Just pair your jar with a matching ribbon, a card, and a close pin to make this gift a little more homey and…..


just like that you have a very practical gift that includes a multi-use jar ready to hold a batch of cookies, or sit on your mantle filled full of seashells from past beach trips, 3 or 4 things that you can never have too many of, and some items that are just plain happy and fun. The total for this gift was right around $25.00, and that includes the $3.00 card from Lifeway (they have the best cards). Here’s to celebrating new seasons with friends, and giving just a little something to hopefully make their new, exciting season even sweeter.








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