What I’m Loving this Summer

I decided for fun I would blog about products, clothing, food, books, and accessories that I’m Loving Lately. So below you’ll find all the things I’m all about this Summer. What are you loving this Summer? What new things have you tried?

Clothing and Accessories:

LOFT Softened Denim Shirt: Back in June, my husband and I went to Charleston on vacation. On our way home, we passed the outlet mall and he knowing my deep love for all things LOFT, pulled in, dropped me off, gave me a budget, and off I went. I had so much fun in that 45 minutes. I looked, tried on, and I tried my best to be mindful of my budget, and my husband who was waiting for me in the car, who loathes shopping by the way. I bought 4 pieces of clothing. I have recently started simplifying my wardrobe because I usually only wear the same 10 pieces anyway. However my favorite purchase I made that day was a softened denim shirt. I’ve worn it at least 10 times since. It looks great paired with a skirt, or even on top of darker denim. Not to mention its incredibly soft, and washes well.




Gray Shirt from Target: I’m a sucker for a gray shirt. I love gray, and I especially love how soft this shirt is. It’s the perfect shirt to be worn on jeans Friday at work, or with your favorite maxi skirt, or even with a pair of athletic shorts, the more I wash this shirt, the softer it gets. Last night when I was at Target they had these shirts 2 for $10. That’s a great deal! I may have to go buy 2 more. p.s. sorry for this car selfie.


IMG_4341 (1)


Sandals from Target: Back in May, I rode along with my husband to Lexington. He was there for business, I was there to hopefully shop while he was doing business. He dropped me off at Super Target and off I went. I ended up just purchasing a pair of sandals for $19.99, which I’ve worn every single day since. In fact, I’m just waiting on the other colors to go on clearance. Now I love a good Target sandal, but these have surpassed all my dreams. They are extremely comfortable, durable, and they match almost every piece of clothing I own.



Ray Bans: I bought the cutest pair of Target sunglasses back in June, and the very next day they broke. My Summer loving heart was sad. Lately, I’ve been all about simplifying, getting rid of things I don’t wear, and buying more durable items. So I splurged and bought my first pair of polarized Ray Bans. I can proudly say to this day (well over 1 month later) these sunglasses are still intact, and I’m so happy I made this purchase. I will still be wearing these when I’m 90. (I promise, Gregg)




Kentucky Necklace: I literally wear this necklace all the time. It goes perfectly with almost everything. I purchased this at a little store here in Bowling Green called Nest Uncommon Goods. They are always so sweet when I shop there. They have the most unique things  whether you need a little last minute birthday gift for someone or you’re just needing a little bracelet that says “Trust the Lord with all your heart” like I did on one of my many lunch break shopping trips at Nest Uncommon Goods. Seriously, check them out.

Nest Uncommon Goods-31 W Bypass, Bowling Green, KYIMG_9487


Beauty Products:

Morrocan Oil Shampoo/conditioner/Oil: I got my hair done a couple of months ago, and my stylist put this oil in my hair after shampooing it, and I loved how it made my hair feel. She then gave me a couple of  samples of the shampoo and conditioner. Needless, to say I fell completely in love with it, and bought the shampoo, conditioner, and oil. Now these were not cheap, but soooo worth the money. When you have hair like me, you have to invest in products to calm it down a little. (ha) You can purchase these products on Amazon, or I found a local salon that actually carries the Moroccan Oil products. If you’re local, you can find these products at

Friendz Salon

2800 Scottsville Road

Suite 102

Bowling Green, KY




OPI Nail Polish: Passion

My all-time favorite shade of OPI nail polish is Bubblebath, but this is a fun shade for Summer.




Home Products:

Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface: When it comes to my kitchen counters I’m a Meyers spray kind of girl. I like all the seasonal sprays they offer, my favorite one so far is Peony. After I finished my last bottle of it, I decided to try something new. I picked up a bottle of Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface spray.  It’s a sanitizing spray that’s both powerful in the germ killing department, yet gentle. I have loved everything about this spray, and the next time I’m at Meijer I plan on picking up another bottle.




Mitford series: For years my mom and her two sisters have raved about The Mitford books by Jan Karon. So this Summer I decided to see what all the fuss was about. After just a few pages in I was ready to move to Mitford and be friends with Father Tim, Cynthia, and Emma. These books are light hearted, sweet, and hilarious. I usually read at the end of the day, and this series has been just what my at times weary heart needed…..The mountains of Mitford, and the biblical truths from Father Tim. These books have been a great escape for me, from what’s been happening in our country lately .




I think this pretty much covers it. Oh! I can’t forget watermelon. I eat at least one watermelon a week, and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. Nothing says sweet summer time like a big bowl of chilled, cut up watermelon after a long day. Happy Summer day, sweet readers!

3 thoughts on “What I’m Loving this Summer

  1. I’m proud of you always! I enjoyed your blog very much. Love to my second daughter. I’m going to purchase the clorox anywhere tomorrow.

  2. I love the mitford series books also. I have read them several times. Its like visiting with old friends again. I like your blog, its very refreshing.

    1. Thank you for reading, Mrs. Kay! Yes, I agree the Mitford books are like visiting with old friends! I’m so glad you find my blog refreshing! That means a lot to me! 🙂

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