my 29th year.

Today I turned 29. It’s officially the last year of my twenties, and I’m having a hard time believing I’m actually 29. But here I am, and I can’t help but be just plain thankful for another year, even if I am one year closer to 30. For 29 years, the Lord has been faithful. Even in the years that brought storms, heartache, several moves, and the unknown. God has been so undeniably faithful. He is good, and He gives life meaning. Without Him, there would be no hope during trials, and no rest for the weary.

Today was a day packed full of love, and tonight was no different. I came home from work to decorations, a delicious meal made by mother-in-love, and  some of my favorite people. Here are a few pictures from today….

I work with the kindest people. My birthday was more special, and sweeter because of them, and my office was more colorful.





When opening my last gift, I noticed it felt like a piece of paper wrapped in tissue paper. It was. It was a note from Gregg…..


After we finished cake and ice cream, we loaded up and headed over to our new house, Gregg had me close my eyes, and he walked me to our dining room, and inside our freshly painted dining room sat the most beautiful FARM TABLE!!. I can’t wait to show you a picture!

Today I reflected a lot, and even felt sad at times at how fast life really does go by. It seems like yesterday, I was in college living in an apartment with 3 other girls, staying up till 2 am watching Grey’s Anatomy seasons on DVD, and spending way too much time at the pool before and after class.

So as a cap on this past year that the Lord so graciously gave me, I thought I would go through and give thanks for all the sweet memories made, and count these blessings one by one. These are 29 memories/things I’m grateful for listed in no particular order.

1. Spending a week in Charleston, and seeing most of the city via a convertible that Gregg rented for us for the week. My teenage girl heart has never been so happy.

2. Experiencing the Country Living Fair for the first time, and meeting Ben and Erin Napier from the HGTV show, Hometown. It will begin airing in January.

3. Starting my blog.

4. Getting to attend the Dove Awards.

5. Gregg and I celebrated 3 years of marriage

6. Vacation to Gulf Shores with Gregg’s family in September.

7. Seeing Phantom of the Opera at TPAC. Also, seeing South Warren High School perform Phantom of The Opera. Every year, Gregg designs their program, and does all of their photography.  I’ve gone to their shows since before we were even dating. Those high school students absolutely blow me away, but this past year was exceptional. I enjoyed their production of Phantom, just as much if not more than the show we saw in Nashville, at TPAC.

8. Attending my dear friend, and college roommate, Susan’s wedding in Paducah.

9. Canoeing down Drakes Creek with friends.

10. Buying a 1960’s Ranch.

11. Renovating our 1960’s Ranch.

12. Dave Barnes Christmas show in Nashville.

13. Throwing Gregg a red, white, and blue birthday BBQ, and having most of our family there to celebrate with us.

14. Being neighbors with Bob, Mae, and Naomi.

15. The many Saturday morning quiet times spent on our porch at our house on Benson.

16. Spending Easter with all my nieces and nephews. Having them all in the same place.

17. Throwing our second annual Valentines Party.

18. Going to Passion in Atlanta earlier this year. Seeing some of my favorite artists lead worship, and speak. It was a great way to start off a new year.

19. Getting to lead a Discipleship Group through the Baptist Campus Ministries at the college I graduated from. Weekly, I got to meet with and be encouraged by the sweetest college girls. They truly blessed my heart, and still do.

20. Decorating my mantle for Valentines Day.

21. The afternoon I went to Kristen’s planting party. We planted succulents, and ate dirt cake. She has the greenest thumb. Love that girl!

22. The women’s ministry at our church starting Secret Sister. Each week you get an encouraging note, a candy bar, or a gift of some kind to uplift you, and remind you that you have a secret sister praying for you throughout the week. It’s been so much fun, and a great way to get to know other women within our church.

23. Attending my sweet friend Lindsay’s wreath workshop.

24. Getting to go through all of my Nana’s music that she hand wrote. The words to old hymns, and songs she used to sing with my papaw playing guitar. I have “Victory in Jesus” handwritten by her, framed and hung, and I will cherish it for years to come.

25. Getting my Erin Condren planner in the mail. I’ve always wanted one, and this past year I was given a gift card, so I purchased one, and I love carrying it with me, and I love writing in it on the daily.

26. Spending a week at our favorite spot in Fort Morgan, the Beach Club.

27. Filming our annual family Christmas video at Target. Being pushed down the aisles in the bright red buggy, and singing our made up Christmas song, to the tune of Adele’s Hello. It was a fun time, and probably hilarious to watch if you were a shopper at Target that day.

28. Having a snow day in the middle of February. It was a day of bread baking, Netflix watching, and rest. I love a good snow day probably more than anyone.

29. Lastly, and most importantly, my relationship with Jesus, and the fact that he’s loved me since before I was born. He loved me enough to not only breathe life into me, but to give me abundant life by dying for me. There is no greater love, and there is absolutely no greater gift.


Thank you, to ALL those who made me feel special today, my mother-in-love who spent the entire day cooking for me, and to my Gregg, the one who loves my 29 year-old self way more than he should, thank you for loving me so well. Going to bed tonight with a grateful heart. God is SO good, my friends.


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