new york city-country comes to town-part two


We started off the day by going to the 9-11 Memorial. This is definitely something to add to your itinerary if you’re planning a trip to New York City any time soon. We spent the majority of the morning there. We read, walked and listened for hours.

I was in the eighth grade when the catastrophic day known as September 11, 2001 happened. I was in Mrs. Bollenbeckers class, and I remember precisely where in the room I was sitting. Little did I know years later I would be at the exact location where it all took place, viewing only what was left behind from that day. It was definitely a day I won’t ever forget, and the sadness I felt as I touched the glass boxes where the remains from that day were displayed, a woman’s shoes, a mans wallet, someone’s briefcase. Those images will forever stay in my mind, much like the case of shoes has from the holocaust museum in Washington, D.C. They were real people, just going to work that day, unbeknownst to them they kissed their spouse for the last time, and ate their last meal the night before with their family, they had no idea what the next day would hold for them. Probably one of the most touching things I saw were a man’s glasses. I thought about him a lot, the man who wore those glasses.

For me, it was really hard to just leave the museum and carry on with our vacation, knowing so many are still affected from that day, mothers lost their sons, daughters lost their mothers, but I found great comfort in knowing that while that day was as an absolute unforgettable day, and while how big that day seems now as history, Jesus is bigger. Each one that lost their life that day was His creation, His handprint was on each one.

After we left the museum, we headed to the Gershwin Theatre to see the Broadway show Wicked. It was everything I thought it would be and more. Before leaving for New York City, I was so excited to see Lion King again, but after seeing Wicked, it rates right up there with Lion King. The talent absolutely blew my mind. I could have listened to the girl who played Elpheba all day long. Not to mention, we sat by the sweetest couple. They were in New York to see their granddaughter be sworn in as an attorney, so they made a little vacation of it, and we had the pleasure of sharing the same row, and this wonderful show with them. They were from North Carolina, Methodist, and had been married 45 years. All of this information is thanks to my social husband, who is not shy, and has the gift of getting people to tell details of their lives, and to feel immediately comfortable with doing so. No wonder he’s an insurance agent.

After Wicked, we headed back to the room to get dressed for a date night Gregg had completely planned on his own, and I had no idea any of the details, just that we had a reservation at 6:30pm, and he told me to purchase a “Fancy” dress for the occasion earlier this year, in March.

The Uber driver picked us up at our hotel at 5:50pm sharp, and took us to Broadway to the Marriott Hotel, upon arriving I still had no idea why were at the Marriott, and where we were eating. I was starving, and I didn’t have my “buffett britches” on so I knew whatever I ate, better not be a ton, because this sparkle dress didn’t have a ton of room.

We arrived at “The View,” New York’s only revolving restaurant. It was on the 43rd floor of the Marriott Hotel.

We started out with crab cakes, and a teeny tiny salad. It was devine.

We then each chose New York Strip, baked potatoes stuffed with macaroni and cheese topped with bacon for our main entrée. Can we just say a big ol’ hallelujah amen to that? Oh and I can’t forget the basket of bread on the table, with a side of the most creamy butter ever.

While waiting for our food, we decided to take a few pictures of one another looking out at the view, and boy was it beautiful. I felt so fancy, and so incredibly spoiled by my husband who knows that delicious food is the way to my heart. Thankful for the time he took to plan this night for us, and the thought he put into it.

It. was. divine. Every single delicious bite. For dessert, I got a chocolate lava cake, and Gregg got the raspberry sorbet.

While eating dessert, Gregg said the driver was waiting for us, so I quickly ate every last bite of my dessert thinking at this point it didn’t matter how much my sparkle dress had expanded because of how much I had eaten, because we were going to just head back to the hotel to change and head out to do some sightseeing. I was wrong.

Gregg paid and we headed toward the elevator, and stepped outside to only be greeted by not an uber Toyota Camry (that’s pretty much what every Uber driver drives in New York) but, a LIMO.

Gregg rented a limo to drive us around New York City.  I was mad. Well, only for 3.5 seconds.  I couldn’t believe he had done such a thing. My sparkle dress self hopped right in, and Gregg turned it to the rap station, I mean what else do you do when you’re riding in a limo, in New York City?  and we rode to Central Park like famous people, just the two of us in that ginormous limo, with me shaking my head at him in disbelief the entire time.

The limo driver dropped us off at Central Park, by a horse and carriage, and we rode via horse and carriage around the park under a blanket, and under the stars. It was a dream, and so much fun.

After our dreamy horse and carriage ride, we got back in the limo, and asked the driver to take us to the Rockefeller Center to take a quick stroll, and a couple of pictures. I love all the lights in the trees. It gave me a little glimpse of what it must be like to be here at Christmas.

So we said our goodnights to this gorgeous side of the city, and then hopped in the limo to head back to the hotel. We had tickets to the Good Morning America taping the next morning, and that required a very early wake up time.

Stay tuned for the third and final part of our trip to New York City! Thank you, for reading and following along!







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