A Sprinkle for Mae.

This morning, I had the sweet joy of hosting a sprinkle for my sister-in-love, Meagan. We married brothers,  and we both share a deep love for all things southern and Target. She is undoubtedly more than a sister. She’s my dear friend. So today, we celebrated her and the sweet little boy she’s been carrying for almost nine months, Nehemiah.

Mae, I pray you felt special today. I can’t wait to meet Nehemiah. He is going to bring all of us so much joy, as he has already.

The first thing I did to get ready for the shower was come up with the menu and the theme. I knew it was going to be a late morning sprinkle, so I needed my menu to include a mix of breakfast and early lunch. As far as the theme, with Mae having a boy, I wanted it to of course have a masculine feel, but with sweet touches like baby succulents in mini terra cotta pots, cute hedgehog cupcake toppers, and pewter serve ware.

Below you’ll find the menu I came up with. I love food, and more importantly I love “shower” food. I think sausage cream cheese croissants and a cheese ring will be at the marriage supper of the Lamb.


Sausage Cream cheese crossiant

Cheese ring with strawberry jam, and ritz crackers

Homemade Chex mix

Cut up watermelon and blueberries


Coffee mocha punch

Orange juice


Meagan’s latest obsession has been hedgehogs. Nehemiah has a hedgehog crib sheet in his nursery so for fun we decided to make the cheeseball look like a hedgehog. I knew the perfect person that could handle the task of shaping a cheeseball into an animal, my mother in law, Jan. I think he turned out so cute. Thank you, Jan!

I opted to try a new punch for the sprinkle, so I went with a coffee mocha punch. The secret ingredient that made this drink decadent was none other than chocolate ice cream. I made 24 cups of coffee the night before, let it chill overnight in the fridge, and right before the sprinkle I mixed all 24 cups of the cold coffee with a half gallon of whole milk, a cup of sugar, and 1 gallon of chocolate ice cream. It ended up being the perfect summer punch for a late morning sprinkle.

Before we ate, we had a sweet time of prayer over Mae. Our dear friend, Jessie was there, and so I asked her to bless the food and pray for Mae. If you think about it, whisper a prayer for Jessie as she and her family will be leaving in the coming weeks for Central Asia to live. We will miss them dearly, but I know Jesus goes before them. I’m just so happy she was able to there for this special time of celebration.

Shortly after we ate we heaeded into the worship center for more fellowship and gifts. I wanted Naomi (my niece and soon-to-be big sister to Nehemiah) to feel special too. She just turned 5 years old, but she’s really going on 15. She came to the sprinkle with her “Big Sister” sash and her high heels, and so many were so thoughtful to get her gifts too. She is going to be the best big sister, and I have no doubt she’ll be rocking him to sleep and making him play school in no time.

I wanted everyone to leave the shower with a little something special , so I consulted with my own personal plant lady, Kristen Hughson, to get her thoughts. She and her grandmother got together and graciously gave me around 40 tiny succulents (also know as hens and chickens). She came over the night before the sprinkle and we ordered pizza and planted succulents for 2-3 hours. I loved gifting these. I have so many leftover that I’ll probably be able to gift them for the next 10 years, all thanks to my dear friend and her kind granny. Thank you, Granny Hughson. Because of your kindness and green thumb, all the women at the sprinkle yesterday left with a little piece of Butler county.

I was so glad that Meagan’s nana, mom, and sister from South Carolina got to come in for the sprinkle, and if I’m being honest, it was just so nice having a “nana” around. There’s nothing quite like a nana’s love, especially nana’s named Judy (my nana’s name was Judy too). I love the way she’s looking at Meagan in this picture above. The love that flows from this picture is one that is a love like no other. I also love pictures like this one below. The sweetness of a mother and daughter, and the new life growing inside of Mae.

I couldn’t have pulled the sprinkle off without Jan. She was right there making trips to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, making homemade chex mix, cutting up watermelon, gluing cute little hedgehogs on sticks to top the cupcakes with. She is the most helpful person ever, and the sweetest Grana. I love you, Jan!

Most people that know Bobby and Meagan know that they met in the Phillipines. They were both serving as Summer missionaries, and the group they served with was called Nehemiah Teams. God sent them both there to be His hands and feet, and to comfort those in the Phillipines in the name of Jesus. The name Nehemiah means “God has comforted.” It is my prayer that our Nehemiah will find comfort in Jesus all the days of his life.

I didn’t want Mae to know anything about the theme of the sprinkle or the menu, I wanted it all to be a surprise. As one more surprise, a few weeks ago, I sent this picture of Meagan (below) that I had taken back in April to a local artist.

She did a silhouette painting of Mae for me, and I wanted it to include a scripture verse from the book of Nehemiah. It was hard keeping it a secret, but I’m glad I made it to the day of the sprinkle to give it to her.

I love you, Meagan. I’m so incredibly thankful for your friendship, and that Jesus makes us sisters for the rest of time.  I had so much fun sprinkling you, and I pray it was a special day you’ll remember always. I can hardly wait for Nehemiah to make his grand entrance!

Love, Erin



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  1. This is adorable! I love your creativity, especially the details that show your sweet heart for the Lord!

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