three years.

3 years ago today, I put on my lace wedding dress, carefully adjusted the broach in my hair, and walked hand in hand down the aisle with my papaw to meet my groom while Canon in D sang sweetly from the violin and piano. This day, 3 years ago I got a new last name, and God showed me his faithfulness once again.

You see, I didn’t have your typical bride walking down the aisle with her dad to meet her groom moment. I was walked down the aisle by my papaw, who is no blood kin to me at all, he walked me to my daddy who adopted me years ago, and then daddy walked me to my groom. God has been so faithful to me, to not only give me an earthly daddy who chose me, but he also gave me a papaw to love me as if I was his own.

James, my Papaw was a next door neighbor of my mom’s, who she lived by when she was a single mom of two little girls, with another one unexpectedly on the way. Judy, papaw’s wife was one of the first to feel me kick. She never got to experience motherhood on this earth, but God planned it just so that my mom would live right beside her, during such a dark time in her life, and Judy, who I would soon call Nana would be just the encouraging soul she would need to not only love her, but to love the little girl being knit together inside of her. Nana started keeping me when I was 6 weeks old, so my mom could return to work, and she was still keeping me…. when she left this world to be with Jesus, even though I was 24. I’m convinced not a day went by, that she didn’t pray for me, and not one phone conversation was had, that she didn’t tell me she loved me. Now I keep her forever in my heart. My Nana needed me, a little girl to love with a motherly love, and I needed my Nana.

While momma’s pregnancy with me was totally unexpected, God’s plan was sovereign. When my mom was afraid, the Lord put people by her side, that knew how to love like Him. He wasn’t caught off guard, he wasn’t surprised, it was all apart of His plan, a plan much greater than we could of dreamed of.

To honor my word to my nana from a conversation that happened several years before she passed, my papaw walked me down the aisle, because he was the first man to love me.


Papaw walked me to my gracious daddy.

The man who chose to give me his name, and promised to love me all the days of my life. He knew my mom for several years before pursuing her, and momma’s circumstance didn’t change that. He loved her right where she was, during a dark time, he brought laughter and light into her world. Sam will forever be my daddy, but more so he will forever be the man that loved my mom as she was, right where she was. He will always be the man that chose to love when he didn’t have too.

Daddy, then gave me to my groom…..



Gregg is a lot like both of those men in my life. He is humble and kind like my papaw, and has an unwavering love much like my daddy. He chooses to still love me on my bad days, anxious days, and even on the days I can’t for the life of me remember who the speaker of the house is. His love is constant and unselfish. What a sweet blessing it is to be loved by him.


Tonight, as I get ready for bed, I am filled with so much thankfulness for not only my husband, but also for the two men that so graciously loved me before him, a mother who clung to Jesus during such a hard season, a nana who welcomed my momma with open arms, despite her circumstances, and most of all the one who wrote my story to include such love. That is something that could have only been written by the gracious hand of God, the only God, who knows exactly who we need.

I’ll forever keep October 5th tucked away in my heart, a day that hopefully God’s faithfulness was proved true to those who attended, and to remember on those days, seasons, and moments to come that just don’t make sense, or when I am afraid… that He absolutely has a plan, and he knows our every need. Gregg, God knew I needed you! Happy 3 years!

“He predestined us for adoption to himself as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will.”

Ephesians 1:5


house progress.

The past month has flown by so fast, we’ve literally spent every extra moment we have had at our new house painting, trimming, pulling staples out of floors, pulling up carpet, peeling wallpaper, and eating too many fast food meals to count-on the floor. I’ve hardly had time for anything else, including laundry, and may I just bless my husband who has so sweetly reminded me that he has ran out of a few necessary clothing items. That hasn’t happened since we first got married, when I didn’t know how to do laundry for two people, and my mom had to come and catch me up while we were at work. I’ve become quite the laundry doer since, but with spending lots of time at our new house, I’ve reverted back to my old ways. Hopefully this too shall pass when we get moved into our new home, and life slows down a little. So today I thought I would show you a few pictures, and show you what we’ve been up to for the last month or so.

8.12.16 The day we closed on our house, and officially became the homeowners of a 1960’s Ranch. Gregg and I are so thankful for this sweet blessing. You can read more about how this all happened in my blog post before this one titled Benson.



Every Saturday, we have literally gotten up, eaten breakfast and headed over to the house for a full day of work. Our first days as the new homeowners consisted of peeling wallpaper.


and peeling more wallpaper….

and peeling more wallpaper………..

and peeling more wallpaper……………


This last picture was my favorite wallpaper by far.  I love its combination of colors, and Anthropologie feel. Speaking of Anthropologie,  I feel pretty sure they would sell this, or at least have this same design on a cute mug, or tea towel.  My sister and I were talking on the phone the other day, and she told me about a book idea she has had for quite some time, to write a book from the view of the wallpaper. Kind of like “If these walls could talk” but with wallpaper. For example with each layer, comes a new decade, with a plethora of stories, and style. This particular paper screams bell bottoms, middle parts, and retro to me. The olive greens, the little touch of blues and browns, the vines.  I sure love it, but not as much as I love my sisters free spirit. She’s my favorite flower child.

Below is a picture of Gregg working hard. I’m sure when I snapped this I had only been at the house for 5 minutes, Gregg on the other hand, had probably been there for 2 hours, mowed the yard, made a trip to Lowe’s, and Porter Paint, and this was probably the 10th shelf he had painted that day. (Que the music, “what a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man.”)

In this picture, the walls are a light pink color and the carpet is pink as well. Now they are the prettiest gray color called Seagull, and new carpet is going in next week!


On this night, we decided to pull up the carpet in the master bedroom, and see what was under it. Much to our surprise, beautiful hardwood floors were underneath. I haven’t even cleaned them yet, and they already shine. I can’t wait to clean these with a little Lemon Pine Sol and hot water! Plus, we are saving several hundred dollars by not covering these beauties up with carpet. I personally prefer carpet in the Master bedroom, but I like saving money even more. It’s a win win.


We’ve been so busy peeling, prepping walls to paint, and trimming, we had to call in reinforcement from our favorite 4 year old. She loves to help others.

Confession: I’m not a painter. I’m messy, and I get bored. I’m more of a staple puller, wall scrubber, and decorator. But Gregg captured this picture of me painting our entry way coat closet. I’ve painted 6 closets so far. I plan to paint one more next week. These closets feel brand new with a fresh coat of paint, and I can’t wait to hang peoples coats in this closet when they come to visit. On a side note, this is what I look like every Saturday. Bless all those that see me on that day.


Below you will find several pictures of the Paint Queen, Jan Reynolds (my mother-in-love)…She has seriously painted, and painted, and painted. She’s painted while we’re at work, and painted every single Saturday since August 12. She just puts that green visor on, and magic happens. I owe our house being painted as quickly as it has been to her. She’s a gem.



Below you will see two of the most selfless people in the world (my in-laws) , but you will also see one of the selling points for me, the half door. I can see it now, Saturday morning quiet times in this den, Gregg mowing the backyard, and the top of our half door swung wide open to welcome the morning light, and a cool breeze.

I will conclude this post with one little sneak peak. Our dining room paint color. This picture only shows it trimmed in the color, but it will hopefully give you an idea. I decided for this home I wanted colors that would be calming. So I went with soft coastal colors,  and we are so happy with the results.

Stay tuned for more updates. I can’t wait to show you the room finished, with our new carpet, and new light fixture. Until next time, sweet readers!











On Sunday, July 17, Gregg and I said goodbye to our little bungalow on Benson. It sold within 48 hours, and part of  my heart will always be there. It was our first house. We lived in an apartment for the first year we were married, then renovated Benson and lived there for a year and a half. I absolutely will always love that house, the hardwood floors, the shelves around the kitchen sink to hold all my grandmothers knick knacks, the screened in porch, and my absolute favorite part, being next door to Bob, Mae, and Naomi.

Bobby is Gregg’s older brother, and Meagan is his wife. When we told people that we all lived next door to one another, the crazy looks were hilarious. But we just absolutely love each other, and God gave us a season of living next door to each other. I can honestly say living next door to them is something I could do forever. The Saturday morning coffee dates on the porch, the late night calls to Mae saying, “Hey, can I come borrow a shirt to wear tomorrow?”, and then her watching me walk home to make sure I got there ok, even though it was only a few steps away…The many late night talks and laughs, around our kitchens, washing dishes at my sink and looking up to see Naomi (our niece) run across the yard to see Uncle Hoot and Aunt Airwin,  the meals we shared, the shows we all watched together…All of those things were a gift, a gift that could have only come from the gracious hand of God. So as this chapter comes to a close, I want to share some of my favorite days from every season living on Benson. I loved that house.

Our first Christmas on Benson, and our third Christmas being married. I’ve had this tree for 6 years, I bought it when I was working as a server at Cracker Barrel through college. I bought it for $33.00, and at the time I probably didn’t really need to spend $33.00 on a tree nonetheless, but I did, and years later, I am still enjoying it. I consider that a good purchase.



This is our memory tree that we set up in our dining room. Gregg and I have many things in common, and our love for Christmas (aside from that we both love Jesus) is my favorite thing we share a love for. This tree is filled with ornaments from childhood, married ornaments that we got as shower gifts, and ornaments that we buy whenever we travel to a new place. I love this sentimental tree.


Our first snow. February 16, 2015.  On this day, I made a huge breakfast and enjoyed having a week day off probably more than anyone. I also made a loaf of cinnamon banana bread, and enjoyed our fireplace and netflix the entire day.

FullSizeRender (6)

On this snow day, January 22, 2016, I decided to spend some time decorating my mantle for Valentine’s day. A cozy-day-in is the perfect motivation to clean, organize, and deck out your mantle for upcoming holidays.

IMG_1438 (1)

3.17.15 On this day, I was washing dishes, and I looked up outside and saw that my buttercups had bloomed. I ran outside, cut a few of them, and put them in a jar on my counter. The Lord makes all things new. Every Spring I’m reminded of that truth.

FullSizeRender (4)

With warmer weather came more opportunities to spend time on our porch. This porch was my favorite feature of Benson. Many talks with Jesus took place in this room, and many cups of coffee were consumed….



FullSizeRender (9)

Last May, I got to throw my life-long-friend Chelsea a bridal shower. She and I jokingly tell others that we were friends even before we were born. Our moms were in the same “La Maz” class back in 1987. She was born in September, and I was born in October. I love that sweet little detail about our friendship. It has been such a blessing to see Chelsea so happy. I’ve seen God be faithful through her, her love for Phillip, and his love for her.

FullSizeRender (10)

Us celebrating our mom’s on Mother’s day.



Since my husband is a Summer baby and the most patriotic person I know, I decided for this year’s birthday I would throw him a Red, White, and Blue Birthday Barbeque. I invited all of our family, and it was a great time.





My sister, niece, and nephew were in from Ohio the same weekend as Gregg’s party. It felt good to have her home, celebrating with us. I miss not having her here for family get togethers of any kind.


Both of our last living grandparents came to the party, Gregg’s grandmother, Elma, and my Papaw, James. Gregg never got to meet my nana, she would have loved him. By having my papaw with us to celebrate, makes me feel like my nana was somewhat there too.



One last picture from the party because I sure love this guy.


Fall is my favorite season of all time. I love everything about it, and I loved decorating my porch last year for it.

FullSizeRender (5)


FullSizeRender (11)


One of my favorite things to do is cook for people. On this particular night, I had 4 girls over from church. I had the privilege of making Maggie’s (to the left of me) first roast. I can’t remember how this conversation came up, but we were trying to figure out our menu for Bible study for this night, and Maggie mentioned she had never had Roast. I was totally shocked. So, I did as most all other Southern women would do, put my apron on and made this girl a roast. I feel so thankful that the Lord saw fit to make us friends, to walk this life together.

FullSizeRender (3)

We always figured that when we got Benson, we would fix it up, live in it for a while, and then resell it. When the opportunity came for us to put it on the market, we showed it to a couple at our church on a Tuesday, and they called with an offer the following Thursday. A lot of people think we’re crazy for selling our house with no new home on the horizon, but I had to completely trust the Lord, and I trusted my husband that we were making the right decision, while we don’t have kids, to find a little bit bigger home, with a bigger yard while we had the chance.

So on July 10th, we said goodbye to our house on Benson, filled with many sweet memories, and we moved in with Gregg’s gracious parents. To be honest, it took the entire first week we lived here to catch up on rest. We were exhausted to say the least. We have been so busy this summer with work, being out of town, weddings, VBS, packing, getting a house ready to be shown, and many things in between that I had honestly taken a break from creeping Zillow every single day and night.

Fast-forward a week……

It was a Thursday night, we had had VBS Sunday through Wednesday that week. So, on our first night in that week, we were watching TV with Mike and Jan (my in-laws). I was praising the Lord for a night with no where to go or be, the delicious spaghetti dinner my mother-in-love had made, and Gregg was scrolling Facebook when he came upon a picture that his high school friend, Hannah, had posted. The picture was of her grandmother holding a for sale sign, standing in her front yard. I saw the picture only from a distance, and knew that Gregg had to text Hannah and get more details. Sure enough, he did, and within 12 hours we were viewing her grandmother’s home.

It was a Friday morning, and the rain was coming down, we knocked on the door, and sweet Mrs. Ruth greeted us with a big smile. She told us several things before we began to look at it, but I remember the first thing that she told us, that this was the house that she and her husband raised their family in, and this was the only house she’d known for 53 years. Of course, I’m looking at the fireplace, and the kitchen cabinets, and Gregg is outside looking at the roof, and the building out in the backyard, it was when we got to the kitchen  (which is on the front of the house, a long time dream of mine) she looked at me and said, “I bet I could feed all of Warren county with the food that’s been on this table.” It was then that I knew. This is the kitchen I want to cook in for years to come. I had such peace. Peace only He can give. Long story short, Gregg and I made her an offer, and she excepted. Before leaving, we all stood in a circle and said a prayer. I’m still praying for Mrs. Ruth as she transitions into a new place, that’s better suited for her at this season in her life, and I’m so thankful that I work at the church she has been a member of for more than 60 years.

Isn’t it something how you find exactly what you’re looking for when you least expect it? While I’m excited to do a few fixer upper projects with this new home, cook in a kitchen that’s on the front of the house, my heart will always love our little bungalow on Benson. But even more than that, I am thankful that our “home” is not the actual house we live in, rather it’s the people that we get to do life with, our family, and closest friends. I look back on all the memories made in only a year and a half living at Benson, all the people that we ate with, celebrated with, and made memories with, and I can’t help but sing praises to the One who was the giver of it all.

Onto a new home, a new address, and a new season, with the same savior who thankfully never changes.





count your blessings.

Earlier I decided to jot down a list of things I am grateful for today. One of my devotionals that I read last week talked about how the Lord’s grace is sufficient, but it is only sufficient for one day at a time. How comforting is that? For 28 years my momma has told me,”Erin, one day at a time.” Bless her for knowing my weary heart, and how I tend to look ahead a little too much, when I really just need to focus on today. So right now, I’m focusing on today, and all the many sweet things both big and small that I’m thankful for. Also I believe that showing gratefulness drives out darkness, and lately there seems to be an abundance of it.

1). my salvation.

2). a husband, who fills my car up with gas weekly. This is something he’s done for me since before we got married. He takes my car and fills it up for me without me even having to tell him that I need it.

3). financial stability.

4). the beauty of Covington street here in Bowling Green, and that I get to drive down it every single morning on my way to work.

5). our church family. I’m thankful to actually do life with our church family. After VBS on Sunday night, a group of us went out for pizza, nothing fancy, just pizza, and it blessed my heart immensely. I couldn’t help but realize this was just another way God has been faithful, through the gift of having others to walk beside during each season of our lives. God is the author of each of our stories, and he included these people in mine. He is so good.

6). the watermelon I bought at Aldi. Nothing says summer like watermelon that’s been chilling in the fridge. I pack it for lunch on the daily.

7). the sunflowers from Meijer on my desk. This might seem silly but sunflowers are my God flower. Well… all the flowers are the Lord’s, but sunflowers represent the promises of God to me personally. Do yourself a favor and buy some sunflowers, put them in a mason jar, and gaze at them all day. They are sure to brighten up any room, as well as every corner of your mind and heart.

8). my “Every Day In His Presence” devotional book by Charles Stanley. I read it every morning when I get to work. It starts each day off with a scripture, and a promise. There’s no better way to start your day.

9). being able to roll our windows down when we drove home from VBS tonight. It’s been scorching hot, so it was nice to feel a little breeze tonight as the sun was coming down, and I remembered we do in fact still live in Bowling Green and not the desert.

10). that we have no plans this weekend. This probably sounds terribly boring to most people, but this sister is tired, and I’m in need of a break from the daily’s. Do you feel me?

What are you thankful for? How has the Lord been faithful to you today? I would LOVE to hear.


What I’m Loving this Summer

I decided for fun I would blog about products, clothing, food, books, and accessories that I’m Loving Lately. So below you’ll find all the things I’m all about this Summer. What are you loving this Summer? What new things have you tried?

Clothing and Accessories:

LOFT Softened Denim Shirt: Back in June, my husband and I went to Charleston on vacation. On our way home, we passed the outlet mall and he knowing my deep love for all things LOFT, pulled in, dropped me off, gave me a budget, and off I went. I had so much fun in that 45 minutes. I looked, tried on, and I tried my best to be mindful of my budget, and my husband who was waiting for me in the car, who loathes shopping by the way. I bought 4 pieces of clothing. I have recently started simplifying my wardrobe because I usually only wear the same 10 pieces anyway. However my favorite purchase I made that day was a softened denim shirt. I’ve worn it at least 10 times since. It looks great paired with a skirt, or even on top of darker denim. Not to mention its incredibly soft, and washes well.




Gray Shirt from Target: I’m a sucker for a gray shirt. I love gray, and I especially love how soft this shirt is. It’s the perfect shirt to be worn on jeans Friday at work, or with your favorite maxi skirt, or even with a pair of athletic shorts, the more I wash this shirt, the softer it gets. Last night when I was at Target they had these shirts 2 for $10. That’s a great deal! I may have to go buy 2 more. p.s. sorry for this car selfie.


IMG_4341 (1)


Sandals from Target: Back in May, I rode along with my husband to Lexington. He was there for business, I was there to hopefully shop while he was doing business. He dropped me off at Super Target and off I went. I ended up just purchasing a pair of sandals for $19.99, which I’ve worn every single day since. In fact, I’m just waiting on the other colors to go on clearance. Now I love a good Target sandal, but these have surpassed all my dreams. They are extremely comfortable, durable, and they match almost every piece of clothing I own.



Ray Bans: I bought the cutest pair of Target sunglasses back in June, and the very next day they broke. My Summer loving heart was sad. Lately, I’ve been all about simplifying, getting rid of things I don’t wear, and buying more durable items. So I splurged and bought my first pair of polarized Ray Bans. I can proudly say to this day (well over 1 month later) these sunglasses are still intact, and I’m so happy I made this purchase. I will still be wearing these when I’m 90. (I promise, Gregg)




Kentucky Necklace: I literally wear this necklace all the time. It goes perfectly with almost everything. I purchased this at a little store here in Bowling Green called Nest Uncommon Goods. They are always so sweet when I shop there. They have the most unique things  whether you need a little last minute birthday gift for someone or you’re just needing a little bracelet that says “Trust the Lord with all your heart” like I did on one of my many lunch break shopping trips at Nest Uncommon Goods. Seriously, check them out.

Nest Uncommon Goods-31 W Bypass, Bowling Green, KYIMG_9487


Beauty Products:

Morrocan Oil Shampoo/conditioner/Oil: I got my hair done a couple of months ago, and my stylist put this oil in my hair after shampooing it, and I loved how it made my hair feel. She then gave me a couple of  samples of the shampoo and conditioner. Needless, to say I fell completely in love with it, and bought the shampoo, conditioner, and oil. Now these were not cheap, but soooo worth the money. When you have hair like me, you have to invest in products to calm it down a little. (ha) You can purchase these products on Amazon, or I found a local salon that actually carries the Moroccan Oil products. If you’re local, you can find these products at

Friendz Salon

2800 Scottsville Road

Suite 102

Bowling Green, KY




OPI Nail Polish: Passion

My all-time favorite shade of OPI nail polish is Bubblebath, but this is a fun shade for Summer.




Home Products:

Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface: When it comes to my kitchen counters I’m a Meyers spray kind of girl. I like all the seasonal sprays they offer, my favorite one so far is Peony. After I finished my last bottle of it, I decided to try something new. I picked up a bottle of Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface spray.  It’s a sanitizing spray that’s both powerful in the germ killing department, yet gentle. I have loved everything about this spray, and the next time I’m at Meijer I plan on picking up another bottle.




Mitford series: For years my mom and her two sisters have raved about The Mitford books by Jan Karon. So this Summer I decided to see what all the fuss was about. After just a few pages in I was ready to move to Mitford and be friends with Father Tim, Cynthia, and Emma. These books are light hearted, sweet, and hilarious. I usually read at the end of the day, and this series has been just what my at times weary heart needed…..The mountains of Mitford, and the biblical truths from Father Tim. These books have been a great escape for me, from what’s been happening in our country lately .




I think this pretty much covers it. Oh! I can’t forget watermelon. I eat at least one watermelon a week, and I don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. Nothing says sweet summer time like a big bowl of chilled, cut up watermelon after a long day. Happy Summer day, sweet readers!

happy new home.

I am currently in the season of life where so many friends are getting married, having babies, and buying houses. I LOVE this season because there are so many happy things to celebrate. My best friend and her husband just bought their first home, and since I find great amounts of joy in utilizing my love language of gifts, I wanted to put just a little something together to make them feel loved.

I started off purchasing a large, round apothecary jar for $5.00 at Bargain Hunt. If you like shopping at Target at all, you’ll love Bargain Hunt. It’s basically everything from Target, but from last season. I love apothecary jars for the many different uses they provide. They can be used for storage, a space filler, a perfect container for homemade cookies, or my personal favorite… to hold decorations that match the current holiday, occasion or season you’re celebrating. So a happy new home gift would not be complete without an apothecary jar….says every true southern woman. empty jarI then filled the apothecary jar with white paper shred. Since the items that I purchased to go in the jar were all brightly colored, I decided to go with a white paper shred as a filler, which I purchased at the Dollar Tree for $1.00. They had multiple colors, and several really great colors for Summer!

My goal was happy and bright, and these dish cloths were just what I was looking for, and on top of that they were only $2.99 for 4 at TJ Maxx. I only used two of these for this particular gift, leaving me two more for another jar of goodies I can gift to a friend.

Around this time of year, Bath and Body Works always has their semi-annual sale, and as a former BBW employee (of 2.5 years) I always have to go and support, and stock up on my favorite foaming hand soap of all time…Kitchen Lemon, which was on sale for $3.00.

I wanted to include some very practical items. So I threw in some Scotch-Brite Scrub Sponges, 4 double A batteries, a light bulb, and 2 chip clip magnets. These small items are kind of random, but can always be used.

To finish up my Happy New Home gift, I wanted to include a few fun items, that you may not buy for yourself; wanting to make the jar a little more personalized, and continue with my happy and bright theme, I included some fun polka dot napkins that could be used for a future dinner party, a pack of polka dot cupcake liners, because who wouldn’t want to make their cupcakes they’re taking to the church picnic a little happier? and a market list that brings all the colors together.

Just pair your jar with a matching ribbon, a card, and a close pin to make this gift a little more homey and…..


just like that you have a very practical gift that includes a multi-use jar ready to hold a batch of cookies, or sit on your mantle filled full of seashells from past beach trips, 3 or 4 things that you can never have too many of, and some items that are just plain happy and fun. The total for this gift was right around $25.00, and that includes the $3.00 card from Lifeway (they have the best cards). Here’s to celebrating new seasons with friends, and giving just a little something to hopefully make their new, exciting season even sweeter.








rain + chicken noodle soup

Well it’s Monday. It’s been pouring rain all day. Days like today make me dream about a cozy day at home with a big bowl of homemade soup. Today I will be sharing my favorite chicken noodle soup of all time. It’s creamy, it’s comforting, and it’s not Campbell’s. 🙂

Her name was Sandy. She was the kind cafeteria worker at my high school that listened to me go on and on in her check out line about this soup for four years. Before I graduated, she gifted me with this recipe. She even broke it down for me, so I wouldn’t make 800 servings of it like she did on chicken noodle soup day. Because of her and her kindness, I have been able to bless others with this little soup from heaven. Be gracious. Be kind. Be like Sandy.

Chicken Noodle Soup:

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 can water

1/3 cup of grated Velveeta cheese

1/3 stick of Margerine

1/3 teaspoon of salt

1/3 teaspoon of pepper

1/3 garlic powder

1/3 teaspoon onion powder

1 lb diced cooked chicken (I use rotisserie chicken every time)

1/3 bag of egg noodles


Cook egg noodles in chicken broth until almost done (if you need more broth, add water)

Add all the other ingredients

Simmer until thick and bubbly

This recipe is especially good with a grilled cheese, and it’s even better the next day for lunch. Enjoy!


rest + pasta salad

Happy May. May is one of my favorite months out of the year. The days are longer, the flowers are in full bloom, and Saturdays at the pool are just around the corner. Life just gets a little sweeter in the summer time. It has been a relaxed Sunday around here church this morning, a nap on the sun porch, laundry, and making a huge pasta salad. I have this terrible habit of staying so busy, going non-stop, without any restful days in between, and I can usually tell that its time for a day of rest when I cry. I cry and I cry, and I couldn’t even tell you what I’m crying about. It’s a sight to see I’m sure. Bless my husband. But today was just what I needed, much like our sermon this morning at church. We’ve been going through the book of James, and I can’t tell you how refreshing its been for my spirit. Our pastor talked about how Christianity is desperately relying on Jesus. Relying on him on the way to our jobs in the morning, relying on him in our marriages, and every single area of our life. My busy, nonstop, days would look so much different without Him. I can sleep for hours and hours, but He is really the only one who can truly give me rest. He is the one who when I’m tired whispers you can do all things through me. Thankful to be able to lay my day at His feet before I even get to work every morning. Thankful that when I cry he holds every single tear, even the tired ones and thankful for naps and sermons that are refreshing week after week.









my new journal + country living fair

I began this blog months ago. Prior to even thinking about blogging, I felt the Lord tug at my heart strings to write. I’ve always been one to journal. A pretty new journal with pages that sound good when you turn them, and new pens are just two little things that make my soul sing. So for months I’ve pondered what I want my blog to be about, how I want people to feel when/ if they read it (let’s be real, my husband, Gregg, and my momma will probably be the only ones to read this), and how can I encourage others with my words? 17 years ago this week, my dear sweet MamMam went home to be with Jesus. When she left this world, she left behind years and years of journals from the many seasons of her life. To honor her and her love for recording her days on paper, I’ve decided this is my new “journal” to put my heart out there, to write about the happy in this dark world in which we live, to maybe help you feel not so alone in your struggles, or to tell you about a cute dress at Target, or to simply just speak life, and point to the one who is light. This is my corner to write….

Mam Mam

Mary Katherine Allen Scott, my beloved grandmother and namesake.

Last Saturday, two of my dear friends from church and I traveled south to Nashville to the Country Living Fair. It was booth after booth of jewelry, food, and barn wood basically all things that make my fixer upper lover, southern heart happy. We walked and browsed for hours, sat on the grass and ate our hamburgers in the sunshine, drank the best fruit tea I’ve ever tasted,  and giggled at all the southern sayings we heard, and teased hair we saw. I felt right at home. I even got to meet Ben & Erin Napier from the up and coming new HGTV show Hometown. I bought several things, and got many ideas. I enjoyed that “day away” so much. It was good for my soul. This is my necklace I bought. I’ve worn it almost every day since. I sure do love a new purchase, especially a timely one.



I’m not sure how we got here, but here we are.  And, I’m so happy you stopped by. I’ve been feeling the Lord pull at my heart strings for quite some time to write. So here I am, ready to share my heart, and I’m excited to have you here with me.

I’m Erin. Kentucky born and raised. I’m a lover of all things southern, sweet, and sentimental. I fell in love with Jesus at the young of seven. Even as a child, I understood the great amount of love He has for us, and I knew I had to know Him more. I have a huge family. I got my love of cooking and keeping house from my momma and my 2 aunts. We are a big southern family, where Macaroni and Cheese is a staple at every occasion, and butter is the secret ingredient in almost everything on the table.

Fast forward a few years. In 2010, I graduated from Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor’s Degree.  I didn’t know until after I had already graduated and moved to TN that I had actually met my husband while I was a student at WKU. It was in Theatre Appreciation, room number 207 in the Fine Arts Center on the hill at WKU. He needed an outlet for his laptop, and the Lord knew I needed him. We were first friends for five years, and now he’s been my husband for a little over two – Now, I must say friends make great husbands.

We currently reside in Bowling Green, Kentucky where Gregg was born and raised. He is an Insurance Agent, and I work at a church. We live in a little bungalow, and I spend most of my extra time decorating every corner. I love my home, and I love spending time making it a home. So follow along with me. This blog will be a compilation of everything from dealing with anxiety, to organizing, to what I’ve learned so far about being a wife, and how to decorate your mantle for each holiday on a budget.

I believe we all have a story. I believe that on the other side of pain is purpose. I’m just an ordinary girl who loves Jesus, loves a good cup of coffee, and a weekly trip to Target. I have a passion for the worriers, because I am one. I so desperately want to encourage others to press into Jesus-no matter the season or situation. So grab a cup of coffee or a glass or sweet tea, and read along.