three years.

3 years ago today, I put on my lace wedding dress, carefully adjusted the broach in my hair, and walked hand in hand down the aisle with my papaw to meet my groom while Canon in D sang sweetly from the violin and piano. This day, 3 years ago I got a new last name, and God showed me his faithfulness once again.

You see, I didn’t have your typical bride walking down the aisle with her dad to meet her groom moment. I was walked down the aisle by my papaw, who is no blood kin to me at all, he walked me to my daddy who adopted me years ago, and then daddy walked me to my groom. God has been so faithful to me, to not only give me an earthly daddy who chose me, but he also gave me a papaw to love me as if I was his own.

James, my Papaw was a next door neighbor of my mom’s, who she lived by when she was a single mom of two little girls, with another one unexpectedly on the way. Judy, papaw’s wife was one of the first to feel me kick. She never got to experience motherhood on this earth, but God planned it just so that my mom would live right beside her, during such a dark time in her life, and Judy, who I would soon call Nana would be just the encouraging soul she would need to not only love her, but to love the little girl being knit together inside of her. Nana started keeping me when I was 6 weeks old, so my mom could return to work, and she was still keeping me…. when she left this world to be with Jesus, even though I was 24. I’m convinced not a day went by, that she didn’t pray for me, and not one phone conversation was had, that she didn’t tell me she loved me. Now I keep her forever in my heart. My Nana needed me, a little girl to love with a motherly love, and I needed my Nana.

While momma’s pregnancy with me was totally unexpected, God’s plan was sovereign. When my mom was afraid, the Lord put people by her side, that knew how to love like Him. He wasn’t caught off guard, he wasn’t surprised, it was all apart of His plan, a plan much greater than we could of dreamed of.

To honor my word to my nana from a conversation that happened several years before she passed, my papaw walked me down the aisle, because he was the first man to love me.


Papaw walked me to my gracious daddy.

The man who chose to give me his name, and promised to love me all the days of my life. He knew my mom for several years before pursuing her, and momma’s circumstance didn’t change that. He loved her right where she was, during a dark time, he brought laughter and light into her world. Sam will forever be my daddy, but more so he will forever be the man that loved my mom as she was, right where she was. He will always be the man that chose to love when he didn’t have too.

Daddy, then gave me to my groom…..



Gregg is a lot like both of those men in my life. He is humble and kind like my papaw, and has an unwavering love much like my daddy. He chooses to still love me on my bad days, anxious days, and even on the days I can’t for the life of me remember who the speaker of the house is. His love is constant and unselfish. What a sweet blessing it is to be loved by him.


Tonight, as I get ready for bed, I am filled with so much thankfulness for not only my husband, but also for the two men that so graciously loved me before him, a mother who clung to Jesus during such a hard season, a nana who welcomed my momma with open arms, despite her circumstances, and most of all the one who wrote my story to include such love. That is something that could have only been written by the gracious hand of God, the only God, who knows exactly who we need.

I’ll forever keep October 5th tucked away in my heart, a day that hopefully God’s faithfulness was proved true to those who attended, and to remember on those days, seasons, and moments to come that just don’t make sense, or when I am afraid… that He absolutely has a plan, and he knows our every need. Gregg, God knew I needed you! Happy 3 years!

“He predestined us for adoption to himself as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will.”

Ephesians 1:5