house progress.

The past month has flown by so fast, we’ve literally spent every extra moment we have had at our new house painting, trimming, pulling staples out of floors, pulling up carpet, peeling wallpaper, and eating too many fast food meals to count-on the floor. I’ve hardly had time for anything else, including laundry, and may I just bless my husband who has so sweetly reminded me that he has ran out of a few necessary clothing items. That hasn’t happened since we first got married, when I didn’t know how to do laundry for two people, and my mom had to come and catch me up while we were at work. I’ve become quite the laundry doer since, but with spending lots of time at our new house, I’ve reverted back to my old ways. Hopefully this too shall pass when we get moved into our new home, and life slows down a little. So today I thought I would show you a few pictures, and show you what we’ve been up to for the last month or so.

8.12.16 The day we closed on our house, and officially became the homeowners of a 1960’s Ranch. Gregg and I are so thankful for this sweet blessing. You can read more about how this all happened in my blog post before this one titled Benson.



Every Saturday, we have literally gotten up, eaten breakfast and headed over to the house for a full day of work. Our first days as the new homeowners consisted of peeling wallpaper.


and peeling more wallpaper….

and peeling more wallpaper………..

and peeling more wallpaper……………


This last picture was my favorite wallpaper by far.  I love its combination of colors, and Anthropologie feel. Speaking of Anthropologie,  I feel pretty sure they would sell this, or at least have this same design on a cute mug, or tea towel.  My sister and I were talking on the phone the other day, and she told me about a book idea she has had for quite some time, to write a book from the view of the wallpaper. Kind of like “If these walls could talk” but with wallpaper. For example with each layer, comes a new decade, with a plethora of stories, and style. This particular paper screams bell bottoms, middle parts, and retro to me. The olive greens, the little touch of blues and browns, the vines.  I sure love it, but not as much as I love my sisters free spirit. She’s my favorite flower child.

Below is a picture of Gregg working hard. I’m sure when I snapped this I had only been at the house for 5 minutes, Gregg on the other hand, had probably been there for 2 hours, mowed the yard, made a trip to Lowe’s, and Porter Paint, and this was probably the 10th shelf he had painted that day. (Que the music, “what a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man.”)

In this picture, the walls are a light pink color and the carpet is pink as well. Now they are the prettiest gray color called Seagull, and new carpet is going in next week!


On this night, we decided to pull up the carpet in the master bedroom, and see what was under it. Much to our surprise, beautiful hardwood floors were underneath. I haven’t even cleaned them yet, and they already shine. I can’t wait to clean these with a little Lemon Pine Sol and hot water! Plus, we are saving several hundred dollars by not covering these beauties up with carpet. I personally prefer carpet in the Master bedroom, but I like saving money even more. It’s a win win.


We’ve been so busy peeling, prepping walls to paint, and trimming, we had to call in reinforcement from our favorite 4 year old. She loves to help others.

Confession: I’m not a painter. I’m messy, and I get bored. I’m more of a staple puller, wall scrubber, and decorator. But Gregg captured this picture of me painting our entry way coat closet. I’ve painted 6 closets so far. I plan to paint one more next week. These closets feel brand new with a fresh coat of paint, and I can’t wait to hang peoples coats in this closet when they come to visit. On a side note, this is what I look like every Saturday. Bless all those that see me on that day.


Below you will find several pictures of the Paint Queen, Jan Reynolds (my mother-in-love)…She has seriously painted, and painted, and painted. She’s painted while we’re at work, and painted every single Saturday since August 12. She just puts that green visor on, and magic happens. I owe our house being painted as quickly as it has been to her. She’s a gem.



Below you will see two of the most selfless people in the world (my in-laws) , but you will also see one of the selling points for me, the half door. I can see it now, Saturday morning quiet times in this den, Gregg mowing the backyard, and the top of our half door swung wide open to welcome the morning light, and a cool breeze.

I will conclude this post with one little sneak peak. Our dining room paint color. This picture only shows it trimmed in the color, but it will hopefully give you an idea. I decided for this home I wanted colors that would be calming. So I went with soft coastal colors,  and we are so happy with the results.

Stay tuned for more updates. I can’t wait to show you the room finished, with our new carpet, and new light fixture. Until next time, sweet readers!