rest + pasta salad

Happy May. May is one of my favorite months out of the year. The days are longer, the flowers are in full bloom, and Saturdays at the pool are just around the corner. Life just gets a little sweeter in the summer time. It has been a relaxed Sunday around here church this morning, a nap on the sun porch, laundry, and making a huge pasta salad. I have this terrible habit of staying so busy, going non-stop, without any restful days in between, and I can usually tell that its time for a day of rest when I cry. I cry and I cry, and I couldn’t even tell you what I’m crying about. It’s a sight to see I’m sure. Bless my husband. But today was just what I needed, much like our sermon this morning at church. We’ve been going through the book of James, and I can’t tell you how refreshing its been for my spirit. Our pastor talked about how Christianity is desperately relying on Jesus. Relying on him on the way to our jobs in the morning, relying on him in our marriages, and every single area of our life. My busy, nonstop, days would look so much different without Him. I can sleep for hours and hours, but He is really the only one who can truly give me rest. He is the one who when I’m tired whispers you can do all things through me. Thankful to be able to lay my day at His feet before I even get to work every morning. Thankful that when I cry he holds every single tear, even the tired ones and thankful for naps and sermons that are refreshing week after week.









my new journal + country living fair

I began this blog months ago. Prior to even thinking about blogging, I felt the Lord tug at my heart strings to write. I’ve always been one to journal. A pretty new journal with pages that sound good when you turn them, and new pens are just two little things that make my soul sing. So for months I’ve pondered what I want my blog to be about, how I want people to feel when/ if they read it (let’s be real, my husband, Gregg, and my momma will probably be the only ones to read this), and how can I encourage others with my words? 17 years ago this week, my dear sweet MamMam went home to be with Jesus. When she left this world, she left behind years and years of journals from the many seasons of her life. To honor her and her love for recording her days on paper, I’ve decided this is my new “journal” to put my heart out there, to write about the happy in this dark world in which we live, to maybe help you feel not so alone in your struggles, or to tell you about a cute dress at Target, or to simply just speak life, and point to the one who is light. This is my corner to write….

Mam Mam

Mary Katherine Allen Scott, my beloved grandmother and namesake.

Last Saturday, two of my dear friends from church and I traveled south to Nashville to the Country Living Fair. It was booth after booth of jewelry, food, and barn wood basically all things that make my fixer upper lover, southern heart happy. We walked and browsed for hours, sat on the grass and ate our hamburgers in the sunshine, drank the best fruit tea I’ve ever tasted,  and giggled at all the southern sayings we heard, and teased hair we saw. I felt right at home. I even got to meet Ben & Erin Napier from the up and coming new HGTV show Hometown. I bought several things, and got many ideas. I enjoyed that “day away” so much. It was good for my soul. This is my necklace I bought. I’ve worn it almost every day since. I sure do love a new purchase, especially a timely one.